New Ideas and Unique Perspectives + Intuitive Advantage

Jennifer’s experience in a broad range of industries, along with her business and technical expertise, provides you with a fresh perspective on your business and methods. Aligning your processes with your profit objectives, which is part of our proprietary Congruent Business Model™  allows you to examine your business from new angles. Are there markets you have not explored, advantageous strategic partnerships to be considered, or efficiencies that can be established? Jennifer will perform a detailed analysis of your past performance, along with your new profit and performance objectives, and suggest improvements and efficiencies.

Combine this approach with the unique advantage of working with the world’s most accurate intuitive and you receive an unparalleled consulting experience.

The need for business transformation occurs when your current processes cannot meet your new objectives. Creative, fresh, empowered strategies that encourage growth and managed transformation arise from the injection of new perspectives and ideas, along with the unique intuitive advantage Jennifer provides. 

The GPS Business Consulting service offers full-scale business process coaching in 3 month increments as it takes time to assess current performance and implement new strategies and we want to ensure you have our support to see every implementation through to a successful conclusion. You also have personal coaching with Jennifer, regular strategy meetings that follow a personalized schedule, and emergency access when required.

While working with Jennifer you will have access to her trademark systems, including her financial and revenue modeling, Profit Platform™, Cash Flow Blueprint™ ,  High Vibes Wealth™,  and EPS™ marketing methodology, which are introduced as needed. Plus intuitive insights that are an integral component within all of Jennifer’s coaching systems.

Jennifer’s level of business experience, education, and expertise is unequaled in the business coaching industry and the unique intuitive leverage she provides allows you to explore multiple layers of potential from unique angles with an unmatched clarity and precision that is inherent in Jennifer’s iconic work, skills, and abilities.

GPS Business Consulting is $7,500 per quarter, paid in full upon contract signing or in monthly installments of $2,750 per month

The Strategy + Soul Synergy Philosophy

Dual Channels of Strategy and Soul

Jennifer is the world’s leading authority and expert in soul alignment, energy congruence, and creating synergy between self and soul. 
In  business, that translates into ensuring that your business strategy is thoughtfully aligned and interwoven with your soul path, revealing what makes you feel authentic and fulfilled so your presence is aligned with your purpose, your goals and gifts resonate with your message, and your soul and success are masterfully balanced between serving your audience and customers and achieving plentiful abundance. 

Ensuring these two channels are aligned and operating in harmony is part of Jennifer’s trademark Profit Platform™ with her unique Cash Flow Blueprint™ method and High Vibes Wealth™ training, which is an integral component of all of her coaching and teaching. And in the Empire MasterMind your strategic training is always balanced with a soul perspective as you have the benefit of soul training with the world’s leading expert in soul alignment, self awareness, and energy congruence.