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If you want to start, manage, grow or expand a business…

If you have low sales, no customers, don’t understand marketing,

and want help to figure it all out


If you are tired of the sales-y, hype-y, up-leveled, easy sell,
high value, big ticket, quick-fix information
that you know is not a good fit for you,
let me clarify the business and entrepreneurship process for you …

If you need clarity about how to start a business, or expand an existing business into new markets, or you need an expert business consultant to help you create new strategies for expansion or solve an existing problem, then this message is for you because …

We have created a resource for everything a business owner needs, from the information required to start-up with confidence and clarity, to resources that can help you scale up your business into more revenues, customers, and markets. This is the resource I wish I had when I began my business 15 years ago and I did create a very successful business, but I did it all by myself because the expert resources I needed were not available.

If you are an entrepreneur or business owner who has been looking for training and resources from an accomplished business expert to help you start, manage, or grow your business, you have come to the right place.

Throwing Money At Problems Won’t Make Them Go Away

If your business is having cash flow problems (money isn’t coming in) or you don’t know how to sell or market your products, or you want to create a new course or a program and you don’t know where to begin, wishing for a money tree is not the answer (although it can be tempting).

Getting desperate won’t help you solve your cash flow problems either.

That’s when you can be tempted to enroll in an expensive marketing program, get advice from anyone you think can help, pay a branding expert or design a new logo, or hire that expensive business coach who you hope will tell you what to do.

But that just makes the problem worse because now you have no money coming in and you’re struggling to pay for an expensive coach or program and you need a solution right now. These things usually don’t work because

  • Your focus needs to be on the solution not the problem even though the problem is very scary and is in your face
  • You are trying to figure out what your customers want instead of on what you have to offer
  • You don’t have a marketing plan, don’t have a revenue model and aren’t planning your cash flows
  • There are so many options available you are overwhelmed and don’t know which ones are right for you
  • You don’t know how to narrow your focus while expanding your options so you widen your cash flow stream
  • You think you need to hire an expensive professional who will charge you a lot of money to fix the problem.

If this sounds like you don’t feel bad, every entrepreneur has been there before. And if they tell you they have not, they probably are not being honest with you.

And if you have stared at your computer screen and wondered where you were going to get the motivation, energy, and focus to make one more effort, I know how you feel and I can help you get your enthusiasm back.

Get Business Advice, Resources, and Training™ from a Business Expert

Hi I’m Jennifer Hoffman and I am a business expert with the experience, expertise, and business education to help you get your new business started the right way, help you manage and grow an existing business, or expand into your business empire.

Before you read about my programs and training options, I want to ask you a question:

Why would you pay for or listen to business advice from someone who says they have no business education or experience?

That should be the first thing you look for in a business coach, trainer, or consultant – someone who has solid business credentials, with business expertise, experience, and education.

I am unique in offering business training as a true business expert with 3 business degrees, a 25 year corporate career in technology, finance, management, and marketing, and 15 years as an entrepreneur, managing my own internet-based business as a globally celebrated leading voice as the self awareness teacher, founder of the 360° Energy Wholeness and Congruence method, with a global audience of millions.

This is something you should expect and demand from anyone who offers any kind of business focused marketing or training. And you need someone who can help you learn how to use the internet because it is critical in today’s business environment.

Choose a CONGRUENT solution for your business

When you choose GPS Business Systems programs for your business needs, whether you are a new entrepreneur, re-starting your business, expanding into new markets, or need expert business consulting services, you receive a fully integrated solution that addresses all aspects of your business and provides strategies, tactics, training, and tools:


Establish CLARITY around your PRESENCE and PURPOSE


Design and launch PRODUCTS and SERVICES









Here’s what Others Have Said about the GPS Business Systems™ Training

I have been following Jennifer for years and was always impressed by her honesty, her integrity, and her clear and direct style. I know she was a technology expert too so when she offered a business course I jumped at the chance. This was the best training program I have ever taken. Jennifer is a great teacher who explains things clearly and in a direct way so that even my non-technical brain could understand it. I started the course with a lot of doubts about myself and my business and after the GPS 90 Day Quickstart course I had confidence in myself, I had clarity about my business, and I got started and made money in my first month.

When I started Jennifer’s entry level business program I wasn’t even sure that I wanted to start a business although I was feeling stuck in my job and frustrated with my life. But within the first week I had identified my true calling and Jennifer’s tools and methodology made it so easy to put the pieces into place and start building the business that I knew I had always wanted. I can’t wait to get to Empire Level!

I was afraid to start a business because what I wanted to help people with was a difficult topic, extreme depression. Jennifer helped me find the confidence to approach my message boldly and confidently, while also helping me focus my message in a clear way. I was one of those people who ‘wanted to help everyone’ right now and she showed me how to take a more measure approach that focused on bringing money into my business first. She is a great teacher and very knowledgeable about business.

I was drawn to Jennifer’s GPS Business course because of her business background and experience. I trusted that she knew what she was talking about and she is always willing to answer questions, to give a little extra help, and to make sure you understand and are clear about a topic before moving on. Her knowledge of business saved me a lot of time, especially when she made me double check the business name I had chosen and told me why I needed to change it. Jennifer is the best teacher and I learned about how to start and run my business in her program, as well as gaining confidence and learning how to believe in myself.

I took Jennifer’s business program because I have been following her work for years and I was one of those people who had too many ideas and absolutely no idea how to implement them. The first thing Jennifer helped me with was finding the central focus and prioritize my offerings so I was making money while building a foundation that I could expand from. She’s brilliant and her amazing intuition was so helpful in identifying areas where I was less than confident and unsure.

How do you make the RIGHT CHOICE for your business needs?

With so many different programs, methods, strategies, and theories out there, how do you know what is right and best for you and for your business?

And if you’re just starting out you don’t have the time or money to spend on an expensive program (some cost $5K to $30K) that isn’t going deliver the results you need.

Whether you are just starting out and need basic business training, or you need to know how to move beyond that critical $250,000 mark, or you’re ready to blast into the million dollar arena, I have advice, resources, and training for you.

Rather than offering a one-size fits all program or solution (which doesn’t work for anyone), my business programs are customized to meet your objectives, with the information and training you need, at a reasonable and affordable price.

Explore your options NOW and get started on building a business that you LOVE.


Who is the GPS Business Systems programs, coaching and consulting designed for?

  • Start-ups
  • Re-starts
  • Expanding businesses
  • Bloggers
  • Podcasters
  • Social influencers
  • Network marketers
  • Graphic artists
  • Web designers
  • Consultants
  • Personal Chefs
  • Artists
  • Ebay and Etsy sellers
  • Home organizers
  • Home maintenance providers
  • Realtors & Home Stagers
  • Plumbers and painters
  • Electricians and lawn services
  • Retail stores
  • Photographers
  • Hobbyists and crafters
  • Alterations & Sewing
  • Woodworkers
  • Event planners
  • Re-sellers
  • Those who want a side gig
  • Home health services
  • Life coaches
  • Energy workers
  • Intuitive practitioners
  • Health coaches
  • Personal trainers
  • Chiropractors
  • Counselors and social workers
  • Acupuncturists
  • Yoga teachers
  • Nutritionists

Let’s work together to turn your business dreams into an achievable reality

90 Day Quickstart Program

Entry level 6 month program for the new entrepreneur or to refresh your business skills. Congruent Business Foundation 5 training + 3 months group coaching for implementation. Click here to learn more about this powerful training.

GPS Growth Mastermind

Advanced 12 month business coaching for businesses in growth and expansion phases to maintain a strong foundation as you achieve new levels of profitability and explore new potentials. Mastermind and live retreats to anchor strategies, tactics, and implementation.

Empire Consulting and Coaching

Premier consulting for established businesses to clarify goals, grow profits, expand markets and improve bottom line. Monthly retainer with 6 month minimum or specific project terms. By application only, click here for more details.

The Dual Channels of  Business Success

Every business needs profit generating strategies to make money in order to survive but an exclusive focus on money makes you sound sales-y and only interested in getting people to buy from you.

Every business needs some soul energy to connect to their audiences but an exclusive focus on the soul path makes you too ‘woo-woo’ and out of touch for most people.

And while we’re focused on the success track of your business, we’ll also focus on the ‘soul track’, the spiritual side of business that ensures your business is aligned with your gifts, talents, abilities, that your success is soul, substance, and spirit based, and that the energy between you, your business, and your customers is congruent and flows with harmony

You need a balance of strategy and soul to make the money you need while connecting to your customers in a meaningful, relevant way. That’s why the GPS Business System creates the ‘stereo effect’, two channels for your business — strategies for cash flow and soul for energy flow.

The STRATEGY Channel

In the GPS Business Systems Strategy Channel you focus on what it takes to manage your business – from strategies to planning to tactical action — this is what creates the stable foundation for your business planning and the ability to implement your ideas

GOALS — the outcomes you want to create in your business in terms of reach, revenue, and results

PROFITS — the money side of your business that includes sales and cash flow

SUCCESS — the success you want to create for yourself and your business using my High Vibes Wealth™ method

This is the aspect of your business where customers connect to your products and services, and where your planning yields the results and revenues you need. You get the full spectrum of what to do and how to do it efficiently, effectively, and with expert ease.

The Soul Energy Channel

The Soul Energy Channel of your business is the heart, passion, and service side, where your spirit, integrity, and commitment to your platform and purpose shine brightly. This includes your

GIFTS – the unique qualities you bring to your customers that includes your unique energy signature, your experience and expertise

PURPOSE – your soul mission of service to your customers that is reflected in the products and services you offer

SOUL — your unique soul energy that shines through your work and the connections you make with your customers and the transformation you deliver.

While the Strategy Channel is important to your business success, the Soul Energy Channel is where your customers connect with the meaning and relevance of your purpose, products, and services.

The Intuitive Advantage

Jennifer has the unique advantage of being the world’s most accurate intuitive and only Energy Savante™ with an ability to provide in-depth insights into any business or personal issue. A life-long intuitive, Jennifer adds her celebrated laser-focused intuitive and energy reading skills into all of her training and coaching, giving her clients an edge on their potential, possibilities, challenges, and obstacles, as well as how to avoid overwhelm while overcoming them.

A New Approach to Success for  Entrepreneurs

I have studied every business coach, trainer, and marketer on the internet and found that they all offer the same kinds of things with the same kinds of options and messages:

  • Get new clients every month
  • Create a Six figure business
  • Launch your Products
  • Offer High Ticket Programs
  • Seek High Value Clients
  • Speak on stages
  • Make a lot of money without working very hard

What do they mean and how does this apply to your business? It is confusing and probably doesn’t apply to your business. Buying expensive training and coaching to solve one problem, while ignoring everything else that is required to manage and expand your business, is not going to be helpful. But learning all of the tools and skill you will need to start, manage, and grow your business will.

It’s what we call the ‘Integrated Business Training™ method because it integrates all of the processes that you need in your business while avoiding the quick fix, hyped up schemes that don’t create congruent processes and that don’t work in the long run.

And it’s why we focus on the basics first, to establish a solid foundation for success and then move into more advanced training to add the processes that will establish your presence, create your product matrix, fine tune your marketing, establish your cash flow, and set up efficient processes that make the best use of your time, energy, and efforts to create a business you’re proud of, enjoy, and that rewards you in every way.

How The GPS Business Systems™ Method Works for You

Our approach to providing business advice, resources, and training is simple, we addressing key business needs and integrate the wealth, success, and happiness you want

  • We provide services and programs that are useful and relevant
  • We avoid the ‘one size fits all ‘cookie cutter’ approach in our programs.

Instead, we have different programs that look at 3 key factors — time in business, stage of business, and revenues, which means you get what you need because our programs are customer based:

  • We don’t put experienced business owners with start-ups, mainly because they have different skills and different needs
  • Our entry level programs are very affordable because we don’t believe that entrepreneurs should drain their retirement accounts or mortgage their homes for business training (and there are business coaches who have this kind of ‘hard sell’ approach and have told prospects to do that).
  • We know what it takes to start and manage a business and provide you with the tools, strategies, and tactics to accomplish that (and you need more than strategies to start and manage your business, you need detailed information, guidance, and support on each step of the way).
Do you need training in specific areas of marketing, sales, revenues, or processes?

Our unique Integrated Business Model Master Class series offers targeted education on specific topics like time and productivity management, email marketing, blogging and podcasts, list building, how to use videos, sales and revenue management, how to write a book (learn from the author of 6 best sellers), course and program creation, launch tutorials, and more.

Let’s look at all of the business issues…

When it comes to getting training and information for your business, we focus on the important factors most business programs usually ignore like:

  • How to define what your business does and what you offer
  • Establishing how much money your business needs to make (no ‘6 figure’ guesses)
  • Creating a website that showcases your business, is low-cost and easy to use
  • Marketing strategies that make sense and use my trademark 3 step process that ‘takes the mystery out of marketing and the panic out of promotion™’
  • Well defined, easy ways to use technology to communicate with and connect to your customers
  • The legalities of business such as laws you need to know, how to use contracts, and how to protect your work and your business
  • The tactical side of your business — how to do what you need to do to manage and run your business every day
  • Sales, revenue, and profit strategies that keep cash flow flowing
  • Time and productivity management strategies
  • How to integrate social media in your business and other digital-based connection, promotion, and sales tactics
  • Short and long term strategies for income and profit management

That’s why all GPS Business Systems coaching programs include all of this training and more so you have the full spectrum of knowledge and know-how to run your business.

Business Solutions that you can Use

There is a reason why the ‘high ticket programs’, ‘high value clients’, 6 and 7 figure business hype, mindset monologues, and the quick fix, single focus strategies don’t work — they don’t build the foundation that creates a congruent business model which develops into a strong business.

You won’t find any of those hype-y strategies here but you will find sound strategies, actionable tactics, and profit driven planning that will allow you to create a strong business from the start and then expand it into anything you can envision.

Do you have big business dreams? Let’s turn them into a big business reality using the 5 Priorities GPS Business Systems model.


5 Priorities Model – Purpose, Presence, Profits, Products, and Process™

No matter what kind of business you have, whether you sell consulting, coaching, products, programs, or other types of services, there are 5 main areas of focus in your business, which what I call the 5 Priorities of my Congruent Business Model™

  • The purpose of your business — which is what your customers receive from you, as well as delivering your unique value to the world, using our trademark Your Expert Solution™ process
  • Your presence — which includes your marketing and sales activities featuring our 3 step promotions strategy that ‘takes the mystery out of marketing and the panic out of promotions™ ‘
  • Your profits —  which includes revenues from sales using our unique Compound Revenue™ solution
  • The products you offer — which includes products, services, programs, events, courses, and more to deliver your unique value
  • The process you use in your business, including tools for business, time, and money management

You need all 5 of these aspects to be congruent, working together in harmony, to maintain connections, customers, and cash flow.

Ignore any of them and you will struggle every day. Before choosing a business coach, consultant, or advisor, research their philosophy and ensure that it is aligned with your core beliefs and values. If not you will learn methods that you will not be able to apply to your business.

What About Support and Solutions?

Every business owners needs support and solutions that include strategy and tactical implementation — what to do and how to do it — as well as someone to answer questions and provide guidance. With this combination you can become a master at delivering your products and managing your business, and develop confidence that comes with having someone to talk to when you get confused or need someone to guide you through a challenging roadblock.

After reviewing the programs of dozens of business coaches, one thing I notice is they offer very little in the way of direct support to anyone except their ‘elite’ clients, meaning those who pay them thousands of dollars every month. This is not helpful because you have the knowledge but no one to help with the ‘know-how’.

If you’re paying someone for business coaching you should get coaching time from them. It’s hard to figure some things out on your own, especially at the beginning stages of your business. So each of my programs provides structured coaching services with me, not someone I hired because I’m too busy serving my ‘elite’ clients.

You deserve something better and you will get it with the GPS Business Systems services where we focus on both solutions and services.

The solutions you receive:

  • Our unique ‘Integrated Business System’ process that addresses the full spectrum of what you need for business success.
  • Reality-based strategies that focus on your whole business and on your needs, spirit, mind, and money.
  • Tactical solutions (the ‘how-to-) that are focused on efficiency, proficiency, and using technology wisely.
  • A process that starts at the beginning and delivers a comprehensive solution – our core 5 business aspects are part of every program we offer.
  • Everything we do is open, straight forward, and ethical. We know you expect this from us, and we deliver this to you.

The services you receive:

  • The best, most comprehensive business advice, resources, and training for a real business expert.
  • Office hours that offer live Q&A times so you can ask questions and get answers.
  • Quarterly live and on-line events that you can attend to get more detailed  information.
  • A reasonable and affordable entry-level access with a graduated cost structure so you can get the ground level training you need and then move into more advanced programs as your business grows.
  • My full commitment to your business growth and success, that’s why I am offering this training.

All focused on the Congruent Business Model which ensures that all areas of your business receive equal attention while you are setting up the processes, profits, procedures, products, and presence that will create a profitable, sustainable business.

Are you ready to get started?  Let’s work together to turn your business dreams into an achievable reality. Choose the option that meets your needs.

90 Day Quickstart + Fast Action Program

Entry level 6 month program for the new entrepreneur or to refresh your business skills. Congruent Business Foundation 5 Priorities training + 3 months group coaching for implementation. Click here to learn more about this powerful training.

GPS Growth Mastermind

Advanced 12 month business coaching for businesses in growth and expansion phases to maintain a strong foundation as you achieve new levels of profitability and explore new potentials. Mastermind and live retreats to anchor strategies, tactics, and implementation.

Empire Consulting and Coaching

Premier consulting for established businesses to clarify goals, grow profits, expand markets and improve bottom line. Monthly retainer with 6 month minimum or specific project terms. By application only, click here for more details.

Why you Need to Use the Internet in Your Business

I hear some business coaches proclaim loudly that ‘you don’t need a website’ to get started. I know this is incorrect. If you don’t have a website in today’s business environment no one will know how to connect with you, research your offer, or know who you are.  When I started my business 15 years ago on-line business was in its early stages. I became an expert on the internet as a pioneer in this space and wrote the first book on internet business that was used as a college textbook. I also wrote an e-business curriculum for the world’s first e-business university course.  I used the internet to build a fabulous business that has touched the lives of millions of people around the world.

My global business success was made possible by the dramatic changes the internet has brought to business models.

The global audience I connect with every day would not have known about me before the Internet.

The global reach my business has today would not have been possible without spending millions on advertising (and it’s nearly free today).

But some things have not changed – how a business starts, how it attracts and interacts with its customers, and how it must be consistently managed to ensure short and long term profitability.

I have watched as many business trainers and coaches thought the wide reach of the internet and global access meant they could grow quickly, make a lot of money, and get around the need for a strong business foundation. But they aren’t successful because there are 5 fundamental parts to any business that must be in place or the business will struggle.

All of my business programs begin with this foundation so you can have them in place in your business.

My goals is to help everyone who wants to start, grow, or expand their business achieve their objectives to create a profitable, sustainable, fun and exciting business model, connect with their sphere of influence™ to share their expertise, passion, and knowledge to a global audience and create a steady income stream.

I have taken the full scope of my experience as an entrepreneur and business owner, combined with real business education, knowledge and training, adding  the laser intuition and keen insight I am globally celebrated for, and have created the best business training, coaching, and consulting available on the Internet today.

Refunds, Disclaimer and Terms and Conditions

This is not a ‘get rich quick’ scheme and we provide no guarantee as to results or outcomes for any of our clients in any of our programs. You are solely responsible for the outcomes you achieve and they are dependent on how hard you are willing to work and how much effort you make. If you don’t show up you can’t expect to succeed. We provide the products and services as stated for each program and expect our students, customers, and clients to follow the program guidelines, complete the work, participate in classes and coaching calls, and make an effort at achieving the outcomes the program materials allow.

We do not provide full refunds in any of our programs. If you do not wish to complete the program your refund will be pro-rated according to the time spent in the program. No refunds are provided after 30 days under any circumstances.

Our full terms and conditions can be accessed at this link. By purchasing this program you are agreeing to these terms and conditions, so please take the time to read them if you have any questions submit them to us at support@gpsbusinessacademy.com

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